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how to format my computer with xp



I need to format my computer because i got a virus and in fixing it and deleting the virus i completely killed my comp. It still starts up but almost all of the progs don't work no more.

I'm using windows xp and I've never formatted a computer with xp before. Can anyone tell me how to format my c drive and reinstall windows xp while i have xp as an operating system. And how to make the disk that's needed to format.


HI, If you are going to do a clean install then the XP setup disc will format the drive for you. Peace Mal


HI, When you purchase XP or bought your computer you should have been given a disc with the OS on it. This disk is self booting. You need to start your computer and go into the bios and change the menu for startup so that the CD becomes the first place the computer looks rather than the floppy and then hard disk.

Once you have done this put your CD with the XP os into the CD rom and restart the computer. It will ask should it start using the CD and press enter.

The CD will eventually autostart and give you a choice. Peace Mal
Boot up from your Windows XP CD, and choose to do a clean installation. Somewhere along the way, you will be given the option to format your partition. Once that is done, just go through the setup.


Here is some more information on doing a new install of XP..

If you do it correctly the first time you are a genius (or lucky). Most of us learn from trail and error so do not get discouraged...........


Hi, Tinker I agree that we all learn like that. I found that it is nearly as easy to do it that way than to get instructions which often bring more confusion. Peace Mal

HI, I also read the question again and the OS still works so just starting the computer, booting to windows, insert the CD in the drive and it should just autostart from there.
If you have a Win98 boot floppy, you can use the FDISK command to wipe your drive and the FORMAT command to format it as FAT32.

Alternately, if you have the Norton Systemworks 2002 or 2003 CD, you can boot your computer from that and try using the antivirus program to purge your system.

I've used the first with alot of success, but never tried the second. It's worth a shot though if you have the CD.

I'll say the obvious...ALWAYS run an antivirus program and keep it updated. Good luck to you.

Bob S

If you need boot disks for XP go to Microsoft.com and downl;oad the pre-install boot disks (6). They are slightly more time consuming, but help most people that are having problems booting from their CD and doing an install.


I just listed a thread in applications with a question on boot discs
and then I found my way here.
Although you do not really need to , it is a good idea to enter Set-up and set your boot sequence for Boot cd-rom 1st.
If you do have a win98 boot disc ( you lucky devil you ) a nice addition to it would be to put Smartdrv.exe on it ( just go to Google.com, type " smartdrv.exe" in...you'll find it ) This executable really speeds up the file set-up during install . BTW you cannot just copy someone elses 98boot disc, you must create it off of a 98 machine.( at least that is my xp-erience.)
I hope this helped rather than confused !!

Grym ( and missing my Atari ST ) blayd


I recommend performing a low level format on your drive before reisntalling XP.. this will ensure you completely overwritten and data from previous programs and also viruses.. I did this to remove some false partitions left on my drive from a virus.. I tried using programs to remove the crap but it never worked.. I used Fdisk to remove all partitions and recreated them but the system was still unstable until I did the LLF.. at the very least you can have your drive back to factory settings.. the mfg of your HD should have a utility available for diagnostics and LLF...

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