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How to fix windows 10 feezing on sleep mode

Perris Calderon

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Looks like a common issue, once I upgraded the os, neither sleep nor hibernate is stable, and even cold shutting down will sometimes freeze. I tried a bunch of fixes, the one that worked for me was rolling back the mei driver

Download the older MEI (Management Engine Interface) version 9 or 10


That link is to a driver that comes from the hp site, I'm not sure it will work on all computers, if not just get to your manufacturer's site and find the mei driver version 9 or 10

Make sure you create a restore point, install, you'll get a warning a more current driver exists, accept that warning and install anyway

Once installed you have to prevent windows from updating this driver so make sure you hide the mei driver update when it appears again


Electronic Punk

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I find DUMO very useful for making sure my drivers are up to date -- not so much for updating, but telling me there is an update!

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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Problem with that, the most recent driver is what breaks the box, for those with this problem they probably need the old driver rather then the new one
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