how to find out what your cd key is.

11 Mar 2004
hey all i seem to have lost the nice little white sleeve to my Xp pro cd. i still have the cd. i used to know the reg location of the cd key. andyone remeber the location? so i can write it down?
Hahah, funniest thing I've seen all day.
That was funny, an evil monkey pointing at a magical jellybean. Did he eat the jelly bean?

What's next, badgers humpin cows?
im glad i was able to provide a laugh :).. BTW thanks again RazerBack it worked great. and thanks fantasi for doing the grunt work. hehe.

Ug now back to studying for Calc..
lol nice, quite amusing really

[voice="seth green"]I dont wanna go to my room, the evil monkey is in there[/voice]
I gave razerback some reputation points for the amusement :p
gonaads said:
What's next, badgers humpin cows?
This post must be deleted for all our safety ... If cowman sees it no telling what will happen. :p
Xie said:
This post must be deleted for all our safety ... If cowman sees it no telling what will happen. :p

Did he not just see it two posts up?
lol, Magical Jelly Beans, monkey, cows, badgers- famous animals at this place. :p. Jelly Beans is an exception of course
/me pokes henyman for shaging cows.
Face it moo boy, you can't win :p

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