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How to figure out what type of RAM I have?


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I'm thinking about purchasing more ram for my computer, seeing as that it only has 512 at the moment, but I realized that there are a bunch of different types of RAM, and I want to know how do I find out what kind of RAM I have?


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I would suggest powering off the computer, unplugging it, waiting a few minutes for the power to drain, opening the case, and taking one of the memory cards out.

All newer memory is clearly identified on the memory module itself.
option 2 - www.majorgeeks.com CPUz.exe Will read CPU ram MB, etc.

Make sure your MB can support more ram.
--Does it have 4 ram sockets?
--Will it work with 4 sticks of unbuffered RAM? Some boards won't.
--Do you need to add sticks in pairs or can you have an odd number of sticks with no loss in performance.

Only the MB manual will answer all of the above. Post back with what you find and someone here can confirm the info.
Nice tool from crucial. It was wrong, but nice tool.

It reported I am using AGP Graphics - I have PCI-e graphics.
It reported I have 2 empty RAM slots (total 4) - I only have 2 RAM slots.

I'd stick with CPUZ.exe, the MB manual and expert advice.


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if you have a branded machine you can just go here and it will tell you what you have without opening your case of downloading pointless programs to clutter your system with.


look on the left for the various search options, you don't have to buy from them, but it'll tell you the kind of memory you have and how much more your system can handle.

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