How to enable 8x AGP?


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
3 Mar 2002
I have a Ti4600 and currently sandra is reporting that I only have AGP 4x enabled, but I'm capable of 8x...I've looked in my bios and I've looked in the display driver settings, but havent been able to find where this is set...any ideas?
What mobo/bios are you using? I should be in there though.
Asus A78NX...these are the agp settings as far as I can tell:

Graphics Aperture Size (32M, 64M, 128M, 256M, 512M) (set to 64)
AGP Frequency (50 - 100MHz) (think I left this auto)
AGP VDDQ Voltage (1.5V, 1.6, 1.7) (its on 1.5)
AGP 8x support (enabled, disabled) (this is enabled)
I haven't used the Nvidia Control Panel in a while so I forget the exact tabs. There is an option in there somewhere to enable 8X.

Aside from getting what you paid for don't sweat the 8x. It provides no significant performance improvement.
i had the same problem with my board for a while, i solved mine by downloading the drivers from the manufacturer's site (Asus) instead of using the generic detonators.

try that.
are you sure your video card is capable of agp8x ?

just checking :)

nvidia's agp8x boards have a different reference name to denote agp8x compliance... ie ti 4800 and ti 4800se...
if you have a ti4800, then agp 8x should work automatically. the ti4600 is only agp 4x, so it will work at 4x even on a 8x m/board.

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