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how to do a clock in Powerpoint 2003?


Blame me for the RAZR's
Since my first thread seems to have disappeared content wise. I though iud make another thread.

Ok im using PowerPoint 2003 and I have used insert date and time for the time. The problem is that I want it to continuously update. And it seems to only update every time I restart power point.. Very annoying.. Any ideas guys?

Using PowerPoint 2003 and on welcome machine using PowerPoint 2003 viewer.


Blame me for the RAZR's
i have 4 slides and they go 1234 1234 on and on. on one slide i have inserted the date. Thursday april 28 2004 then under it in a seperate 4:52PM when i start powerpoint i have the correct time and date entered but as the slides go the time doest change. ANd yes i have checked the update time automaticaly.
Well I think I have understood your aims, but remain, well a bit uninformed. Do you wish the process (the slides) to be presented at set intervals (TimerTicks()) or some other time related issues? Or do you require the slides to be presented according to their creation date, or another such aspect?

Either way you are going to have to enter some code here behind the presentation you are attempting to control. This will also give you control of other aspects of the presentation as well.

:) :)
if you go to Ask Jeeves and put in "how do I display a clock in powerpoint?" you should get what you need. I remember going there a few months ago and finding out how to do it, but now I don't remember exactly now.
I'd look more, but gotta head in to work.

Good luck!
You could try using some Visual Basic coding (macro's in office). You would have to put a text box or label object on each slide, and every time the slide shows or using a timer, you could add some code:

lblTime.Caption = Str(Time)
I dont know if Office 2003 still has a Visual Basic environment in it.

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