How to delete or stop MSN Messenger from starting



I keep getting an MSN messenger sign in window that repeatedly opens up. I close down the IM from the tool bar but it still keeps poping up. Very frustrating!
I cannot find a way to delete it, uninstall it, or deactivate this annoyance. It's like a porno frame gone wild!


Hmmmm. close but no cigar

I tried to follow the above instructions but there was NO option to prevent initiation at start up. I even used the msconfig utility to stop IM from starting but that did not work either.

Since I am using MSN DSL (Grrrrrrrrr.....:mad: ) I finally bit the bullet and called the tech help line. After 40 minutes of waiting on hold (at least it's a toll free call), I got some tech who really knew next to nothing. However, she explained that MS knows about this problem and they believe it is associated with the email client Outlook or Outlook Express. When the user activates the send/receive function, that will somehow activate the mutant MSN log on window.

The tech stated that the only fix they knew of (!) was to go into the tools-account-mail tab window and delete the existing mail account. Then click on add a new account and using the wizard, re-enter the POP3 and SMPT server info again. Sounds cooooky to me but I followed her instructions. So far so good. If it starts up again, I will make a post outlining anything else I learn.


2 Dec 2001
Oooohh! Gotcha. You used the MSN DSL disk to set up your account automatically... hence the 'mutant' (perfect name btw) aberation. Now that you've deleted the old account and set it up manually... you shouldn't have any more problems with it (unless you use system restore or something). I thought you were having problems with the instant messenger and wanted to know how to get rid of it. Glad you got it figured out.


I'm gonna put your brain in a jar!

When you croak, that is.
You're a genius! You put it together for me!

I DID install the DSL modem with the lousy CD they provided! That's where I got 'infected'. The filthy bitch! ;)

Now everything makes sense. Funny, MSN tech did not really know 'why', but experiencially they knew what was triggering it.
Glad to see that problem has been put to rest. That darned window was like a demon possessed! You couldn't get rid of it.
Until now!
Again, you guyz are da greatest! TANKS! :cool:


MSN still doesn't have a clue about the 'looping log on window"

Well folks, the log on MSN window is back in its full glory.
I have spendt over 4 hours of phone time with MSN regarding this subject. They are the most dense, unimaginative group I have ever encountered. They admit there is a problem but they have NO CLUE as to resolve it.

Each tech tries a different but equally impotent fix.

This "looping log on window" as they call it is out of control.

MSN thinks it is related to the email client. However, I get the looping "This way to the internet" log on window even when my email client (Outlook) is OFF and I the machine is logged on but idle.

If anyone has any suggestions, I sure am listening. Thanks.


You are right about it having something to do with Outlook Express. I even went into the event viewer and it had the mutant (messenger) starting up automatically. Disabled it but when I use Outlook now it still starts up whenver I check my e-mail. It can't be your DSL install disk because I put all my info in myself and it still does it. What a pain in the ass....

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