How to Create your own HTML Tags in CSS



Just wondering,

How do I create myown HTML tags.

For example, whenever you use ur own custom tag such as <name> it goes to the CSS file and looks for the defning class, and does it. Cause right now when I try and od that it doesn't recognize it so it just comes out as <name>JOHNNY SMITH</name> as the output.. instead of JOHNNY SMITH in the right format.

ANy ideas?:(


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I think your mistaken, you need to define either a class or an id, ie:

.red {
    color : #ff0000;

#blue {
    color : #0000ff; 
<div class='red'>This text is red as defined by the css class .red</div>
<div id='blue'>This text is blue as defined by the css id #blue</div>


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yep what they said

if you want to create your own tags then you are looking at XML, and then XSLT stylesheets and a whole new set of headaches.
I have written a few XML DocTypes and those are not the nicest things to try and work out

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