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how to convert from Ntfs to fat32?



can i convet and how can i do it?

i have also computer on my network with windows xp with H.D fat 32 and i can't read the Ntfs partion only the fat332 how can i solve it?


I'm sure there's a better way, but Partition Magic will convert NTFs to FATxx or the other way around.



is there a benefit of FAT32 or NTFS? which is "better"? Is it just old style vs new style?
for one it can use files bigger than 4GB where's FAT32 can't
have a look around lots of info on this, can be found here


The NTFS file system is the recommended file system for use with Windows NT, 2000 or XP. NTFS has all of the basic capabilities of FAT, and it provides the following advantages over the FAT and FAT 32 file systems:

1) Better file security and auditing. 2) Better disk compression. 3) Support for large hard disks, up to 2 terabytes (TB). {The maximum drive size for NTFS is much greater than that for FAT, and as drive size increases, performance with NTFS doesn't degrade as it does with FAT.} 4) As well as various features for POSIX subsystem.

It's recommended that you use NTFS rather than FAT32 for partitions larger than 32 GB...
i'm no expert, but i think you can convert from fat32 to ntfs...but not the other way around. once you convert to ntfs...that's it. of course you could always reformat and convert, but not while in windows.

ntfs is superior to fat32 if you have a large hdd and run xp.
You can go FAT32 to NTFS, but you CANNOT go NTFS to FAT32. You'll have to wipe your drive and reinstall everything from scratch if you really want to get FAT32.

Stay with NTFS. It's way superior to FAT32, IMHO.


Cobraab, what you said is incorrect. If the hard drive which has been formatted in FAT32 is on another system, the NTFS system will read it thru a network (and vice-versa).

I've been doing it, using XP Pro and 98 SE.

The only way FAT32 wont get recognised, is if you have FAT32, and NFTS on the same hard drive. NOT different hard drives/computers. So, in your case, you WILL be able to access the FAT32 computer HDD, thru the NFTS system. (If they're installed on different computers).

The only reason, it may not be working with you. atm, is if you have XP Pro (and you dont have simple file sharing ticked - under
Tools/Folder Options/View), in My Computer. If it is unchecked, then you have to give the networked computers permission to access it. :)


We have already told you that you CAN go from FAT32 back to NTFS with third party software such as Partition Magic or others. Without third party software it is not possible, but it still stands that it is possible...


NTFS does have it's advantages, but not to the home user. It isn't any faster and the advanced security isn't something you generally need. FAT32, however has one big advantage in that you can boot to a Windows 98 floppy and edit or manipulate files. I often boot to a Win98 floppy and copy the contents of C:\Windows\System32\Config (the location of the registry) to another folder just in case something goes gamey in there. I've also managed to pull my work computer out of the crapper by replacing some files which Windows File protection wouldn't let me touch while active.
umm... Oldasdirt, that's not really true in all points of view. MANY people would rather use NTFS than FAT32 when using Windows XP. mostly cause it supports larger Hard Drives, It's more secure, and........ from what i can tell, since i'm a home user using NTFS........ it jus seems to make the PC run smoother.


Elemental Dragon,
Actually, nothing is true from all points of view...
Your point is well taken about larger hard drives and security, but my point is that most people are not excercising NTFS security at home.
My main argument, that about booting to Win98DOS, was born out of an issue I had with XP where it would corrupt itself nearly every time it shut down. I was able to salvage the machine by restoring the registry I backed up while booted from floppy into Win98.
I may be over-cautious at this point, since my machine has been stable for 8 months, but I prefer not to lock myself out of options.
BTW I haven't noticed XP is any smoother with NTFS.


you can use partition magic to convert ntfs too fat 32. BUT. if the ntfs partition contains compressed or encrypted files it wont work.
Ok, OldasDirt, about the part with not many people using NTFS patritions...... that's cause most people/retailers don't really know about it. I bought my Sony computer which came with a default of 2 partitions...... the partition that Windows XP was installed on was FAT32 and the other was NTFS!!! that's pretty screwy to begin with.

Second point. the part about XP corrupting itself when you restart. that ....could.... have been either something that was installed that corrupted it, or it could have been a bad installation of XP. Actually, it could have probably been a bunch of different things. If you have an actual Windows XP cd, you can boot from that as if you were going to re-install it, and use ASR (Automatic System Recovery) which would most likely fix it just the same as what you do does.

And yes, XP does perform better on NTFS. Maybe not in EVERY aspect of the OS, but booting goes a bit faster, and it also seems to take longer amount of time until the drive has to be Defragged. not sure about the last part, but seems like it.

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