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[HOW TO] Concurrent Remote Desktop in SP2

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One thing i am very annoyed about with SP2 is why they have added (in build 2055) and then taken away in the final Build (2180) Concurrent remote dektop and a physical user logged into the same machine....

so if you are now running the SP2 final, and would like too use this feature.. heres what you must do..

Attached is a zip with 3 files
1. termsrv.dl_ (in case you want too add to a Slipstreamed CD)
2. termsrv.dll
3. Concurrent Remote sessions SP2.reg

Ok, so heres what to do

1. extract the zip...
2. Right click on the reg file and press merge, (Click yes when it asks you)
3. Reboot in safe mode (press F8)
4. copy the termserv.dll too these 2 folders

a) C:\WINDOWS\system32
b) C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386

(either make a copy of your original or rename the old one too .bak)

Then reboot back into normal windows... Now you can have a 2nd user physicaly logged into their account, while you can use your account via remote desktop BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!! :)

i cant believe MS removed this feature from the final build of SP2

the termserv here is from build 2055, if anyone knows any newer builds that this feature still worked, please let me know!


oh and if you want too add this too a slipstreamed SP2 CD, then simply copy the termsrv.dl_ too the i386 dir on the CD, then add the reg file to your regtweaks




yeh this was one of the main features i was lookin forward too in sp2, strange why they got rid of it, such a useful feature


theyre not patced files at all

termsrv.dl_ is the original file from SP2 build 2055

rename that too .cab and extract the contained file, u then get

the regfile already exists on a sp2 machine, except its set as 0

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Terminal Server\Licensing Core]

I don't know what I've done wrong my friends, followed instructions verbatim, and it insists on logging me off (I'm at the machine) when my buddy attempts it. Does he also have to replace the files and make the registry changes?
maybe u didnt copy the files too right places in safe mode? or didnt import the reg file?

sorry but if u followed that first post exactly, (on a xp PRO sp2 machine) then u should have no probs


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can anyone tell me how i can enable remote desktop so i can use it to log into my pc from work. dont know the ip of works machines and all their net traffic goes through a proxy on port 80 afaik.

never set up remote desktop before.


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_kC_ said:
maybe u didnt copy the files too right places in safe mode? or didnt import the reg file?

sorry but if u followed that first post exactly, (on a xp PRO sp2 machine) then u should have no probs
Thanks KC - I did exactly as instructed.
I log into main account.
I then log on to 2nd user account.
I click start >all Progs>accessories>communications>remote desktop connection
Type local ip address/computer name of the computer

I am also using a linksys 4-port router and have added port 3389 to forwarding


Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
OK - Am I being a bit thick here!? Does this only work for the following:
2 PC's: PC1 and PC2
PC1 has 2 users a and b
a is the main user, b is the 2ndry user
b is currently logged on at PC1
a logs onto PC2 and wants to logon to PC1
with this tweak they can?

I thought that originally this tweak meant you could be logged on as another user, and then log onto another account on the same PC!? Can someone clear this up for me? Is this why I'm getting the concurrent user errors?

I have now confused myself even more!!!
it means that 2 user accounts (a & b) on server machine can be accessed at the same time... once by a user sat at server and logged into account a... and at same time by a remote desktop session into account b


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Works perfectly here. Thanks much. An insight into why Microsoft killed it: The XP license is meant for only 1 user at a time. Microsoft's 2003 Server has a terminal server feature that allows limitless users, however for every so many concurrent users they charge more. With this hack you can use Windows XP like a mini terminal server, and therefore not buying 2003.
I can't get it to work. I followed the instuctions verbatim as well. Maybe it's because I put SP2 on a clean install of windows? After all I had no DWORD value called EnableConcurrentSessions, I had to create it.

I've got the 2055 version running in system32, I've got the registry entry in place, I've rebooted, and I still get the "you can't do that ****" error.
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