How to close tcp 135 port?



even if u have a software firewall, a clean instal of XP will still have port 135 open... no software firewall or advanced rule can close it..

be sure too disable SSDP Discovery service within services.msc and then reboot... voila your 135 will be closed


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No it wont. SSDP has nothing to do with port 135. SSDP holds 1900 open and is part of upnp.

You can not close port 135 and maintain network connectivity.

Yes a clean install of XP has 135 open, so just enable the XP firewall until you can patch the issue and install a full firewall.



i know that with SSDP enabled all scans such as GRC and PC flank detect 135 as open....

disable that service and its closed 135

maybe after all these service packs and updates it has changed? but i know 100% for sure this was the case when XP first came out


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It has always been the case. Port 135 is held open by DCOM, The SSDP Discovery Service holds only port 1900 open and has nothing to do with RPC.

As you mentioned GRC, read

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