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how to change the defualt save path for games?

this is my issue... i am having returnil on C: so its like freezing C: and refreshes to old state every restart..most of the games i purchased lately(burnout paradise, nba 2k9, nba 2k10) have a default save path into C:documents and settings/appdata/ect...so this means when im restarting my PC all my save files are gone....

i would like to make a default save path on D: just like what i did to MY Documents....


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not sure if saved games folder in users is what you are after, right click on that and move it, not sure about xp, been so long since i have used it
thanks for having that doubt.....thats why im here because i was asking for some suggestion in which how to tanggle with the registry because im really pissed everytime i play games i have to turn Returnil off so that the game files cant be deleted after i restarted it...

and i cant just move folders form appdata (ex: 2k sports -from nba 2k10) unlike the My Documents folder where i can move it be changeing locations...

Dark Atheist

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you could do a registry search for the game like you say and change the path (if there is a key for saved games there)

I never advise registry hacks because you never know how good people are with it, and one wrong move in the registry can kill your windows install :p

But you seem to know what your doing :)
You could use tweakui and try and change the folders that way. Unless the game asks you where you want save data there is no other way to move where they are stored.

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