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How do i get my status chaned from home to pro?
Ive already read the faq's:(
Originally posted by smash
How do i get my status chaned from home to pro?
Ive already read the faq's:(

Click your heels three times and say " there's no place like home" and poof.. j/k

I beleive that it would be merited based upon post count. I think the default post count is 100 for a bump in status. I could be wrong though
Does that mean at 200 i'll be XP Embedded???

Hey!! it didn't work :eek: , lol
How high can you go? Is XP PRO the highest you can be as a normal poster?
come on guys. Play nice.

Changing your status is very simple, it just requires that you demonstrate a working knowledge of some very basic registry tweaks.

Simply post a reply to this thread explaining what "IoPageLockLimit" means and what adding this key will accomplish. Make sure the subject of your post is "IoPageLockLimit", as this will trigger a p.m. to be sent to the forum moderator. You should also indicate what value you have chosen for this key (based on the multi-word DMA settings for your secondary master, obviously) If your explanation is detailed enough, and your settings optimal, the post will be deleted (so noone can copy your answers!) and you will be sent an email with a url - go there, and you can upgrade your status to "XP Professional." This upgrade costs $9.99USD and your money will be used to help maintain the site. You will of course need SSL2.0 to view the page. Also, rest assured - your credit card information is protected by a 128 bit, multi-layer encryption program with a two digit, numeric-only key, and resides on MdSalih's personal server, accessible only by him, waddy, AlecStaar and andyp.

If you so desire, you can request a custom tag (like I did), which costs slightly more - $49.99USD. The extra $40 will be used to finance a P4 2.0Ghz system for MdSalih. The extra processing power of this machine will allow him to create even more fantastic content for us xp-erience'rs and will probably even help the stagnant economy here in Seattle (because he'll have to go buy another XP Professional!) which in turn benefits me (because I live here!!) :) so spend the extra money!! lol

Anyway, I think it's totally worth it.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that you must indicate where, in your registry, IoPageLockLimit belongs. I cannot emphasize enough: DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL!! Good luck!!
rofl Mavis. u serious? its too easy!

except the $10 part cause thats like a million canadian dollars for me :)
hmmm? i can't tell whether Mavis is being sarcastic or not :D

and highwind777 you FOO! you have like ten billion dollars, so STFU!!!! lol.
wtf? I'm a poor ass. hell, I have to take public transit 2 hours a day just to get to school and back home.
hmm...i got to XP professional before 100 posts. :D

and no, i didn't change my custom user text yet. :p
LOL - heh - nice1 Mavis... you do know that u will now need to be killed cos u know TOO much :) - but i'll overlook it as soo many ppl read the thread :)

MdSalih - off to see which stupid nuts are looking for the page to pay to get higher status :)

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