how to change icons in the my computer window



anyone know how to change the icons in the my computer window? if so post. thanks. oh yeah the new look for the site looks cool. i gotta start posting in the forums again. its been a awhile...
get the new microangelo. in the new version u can change those.
see the my computer window. the icons in there i want to change.

a freeware app would help..

i am on windows xp. it just looks like 98/2k cuz its on the 98/2k visual style settings.

(sorry for the blurry pic, it got like that when i resized it.)
You can replace the hard drive icons with ease. Just follow these steps:

1. Put the icon you want to use on the root of the drive.
2. Create an autorun.inf file on the root of the drive and put this in it:


Change "icon.ico" to the name of your icon.
3. Reboot or do whatever to get it to reload the icons.

Done and done. Autorun isn't just for CD's anymore.

If the drive is removable, you can do all sorts of other things with it too, check this web page for details on how to use the autorun.inf file:
or activicons. Just search on google for 'ActivIcons' without the quotes :)
or just look at the sticky in the ICONs forum tells how to do it
Do a Google search for E-Icons or IconPackager. They are both able to change all the icons you mentioned.

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