How to change application icons?



Does anyone know how to change an icon for an applications exe like MS Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer?

I know how to change the icons for shortcuts to these apps, but I can't figure out how to change the icon for the app itself. For instance if I right-click on Internet Explorer on my desktop and select properties, I don't see anything on any of the tabs that would let me change the icon.

you'll have to search around the's a pain in the butt to do I hear ya gotta actually replace the icons that are in Shell32.dll to change them... has a few good articles on changing it..I find neowin is a wealth of info when it comes to icons and things of that nature...but any other problems nothing beats xp-erience!
I used resourse hacker on one of my programs for this purpose. You have to open the program and replace it's default icon with the one of your choice. Doing it this way will show your icon of choice when the program is running too. When you do a hack with Resource Hacker, it will automatically save a copy of your original file in the directory you open the program file from, good feature in case something mucks up. You can get a copy of resource hacker from the downloads section.

Here's an example of what i'm talking about... the ugly black and white one, upper left is the one i replaced with the nice looking music note... you can see it shows while the program is running too:
Thanks for the info. I will give this a whirl and see what shakes out.

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