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How to change a Drive Letter?


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Hi. I had reformatted my Hdisk. I have a 2nd Hdisk named "Data Files" and was a Drive D before the reformat. After the format, my Drive D became the Drive C and the drive where the OS is installed is now Drive D... My problem is whenever I install a program it will install it to Drive C which is now my Data Files drive. How can I interchange the Drive assignment? Thanks.


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Right click My Computer
Disk Management
Right click the drive you want to change
"Change Drive Letter and Path"


However, you should NEVER change the letter for the main partition/system drive (as Venom said).


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Now,since my "drive c" is my "data files" can I change it to "as drive e" so that when I change my "drive d" where my OS is currently installed to "drive C" it can because no other drive is using that logical drive. Can I? Thanks.
You may have problems with programs not starting because of "file not found" after you do the fix.

If you do just click browse on the error message that comes up and show windows where to find the file again (usually under C;\rpogram files\whatever it is). That will store the correct ( C: ) drive location back in the registry if it got changed after the drive letters were swapped.

This may be a problem with Partition Magic or the reg fix grandmaster posted. Partition Magic asks if you want to have it "fix" the program locations for you. With the registry fix you are on your own.


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isn't there the one program that does it for the system drive to an extent? like... it'll change the drive letter, then browse for installed applications, and change the assignment so it is able to find the files it needs and stuff like that? was that partition magic?

I'd still recommend not changing it though. if i remember correctly... there's a registry edit to change the default path of the Program Files directory, so you could point it to what is now your D drive, instead of installing to C. I just don't remember what the registry edit was that was required to do so.


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LordOfLA said:
You cant change the letter of the drive windows is on without formatting and starting again.
Sure you can, windows just wont boot.:laugh:

You can try the methods at the link that Grandmaster posted, but I can say I've done this successfully once in maybe 12-15 tries.


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LordOfLA said:
You cant change the letter of the drive windows is on without formatting and starting again.
there are some programs that will claim to facilitate, but yeah but there are many issues - oversimplifying will not help the original poster.

My recommendation to him would be to go from here maybe (since he installed I believe) and reinstyall programs as required if not overly onerous then move his dopcuments and data files as required.

Yeah - hard work I know - but it will get it right for him. NEXT time he can learn from this and get it right first time - the Windows installer is unforgiving in this aspect IMHO.

Oh yeah - and Lord - I just know you will not agree with me already also... ;)


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i changed c once.. along time ago.. and well sh*t broke allover the place.

Sorry i gave you a quick response up there i agree with most these guys have said.

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