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As a Linux newbie I downloaded Mandrake 9.2 which I though was iso files, but when I looked at them they were zip files.
I have extracted the files to folders cd1,cd2,cd3 and MandrakeMove.

can I just burn each of them to a disc, if so will it boot from the cd like win xp. Or do I have to get a boot file to make it boot from the cd like xp.

also is it just the first disc you make bootable or have I to make all three bootable, "i think that is a daft question, it must be the first & MandrakeMove"

see ya
No, you'll have to burn the iso to get it bootable, not just burn the files. And I'm pretty sure only the first disc is bootable. Just download the iso again.

Btw, did you download from the official site? I didn't think they even offered zipped versions. You'd better get the official iso:s just in case IMHO. :)
just in case you didnt know. To burn an ISO, in the program your using, look for an option for "burn image file..." or something close to that. Then select the file and burn like that. Also, check the "disc-at-once" and "finalize" option.


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Now to burn

CHiLLaXen said:
just in case you didnt know. To burn an ISO, in the program your using, look for an option for "burn image file..." or something close to that. Then select the file and burn like that. Also, check the "disc-at-once" and "finalize" option.
I am going to do as you both advised, I am downloading the .iso files at the moment.

And I am going to use UltraISO v6.0 to burn the files to disc,

I am quite good at burning disks but I was not sure about the Linux files as I have never delt with burning linux stuff before.

I am determined to learn Linux as to eventually try and help people in my area that can't afford things like xp.

I think I will have to read more book ect about Linux also.

Thanks to both of you for your help


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Have found out what the problem was with the ,iso files. eh do I fell dumb or what. he-he
I upgraded WinRAR and I must have selected WinRAR to open all files by mistake.

once I un-ticked the .iso box in WinRAR all is well again, so now I have two lots of Mandrake .iso files.

good old brodband.
se ya


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Gor them burned at last

Ah it's easy when you see how, I ended up burning them with Easy Cd Creator 6, "Creator Classic",

it's that easy whem I found out with your help, just go to File\Record Disc from Image then click Burn.

I had a problem the first time because my cd-rw can burn at 52x, so I turned it down a bit and all is well.

I also got the MandrakeMove up and running from the cd, quite a nifty idea, still have to get the internet settings, modem working, bit everthing else is working ok.

AH just though of something, my modem is a Alcatel Speedtouch ASDL so it maybe wont have drivers for it.

any thoughts

see you


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many thanks Xie
for the links, thats the modem all right.

I will have a go tomorrow as I am building another computer at the moment. and also burning dvd's and my heads done in.



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i use command, i think its the best and easyest way of doing it, but say u wanna burn a cue/bin
in command as root (su)
cdrdao write --device 0,0,0 --driver generic-mmc --speed 12 file.cue

--device bus,id,lun
Sets the SCSI address of the CD-recorder in form of
a bus/id/lun triple, e.g. '0,2,0' for the logical
unit 0 of SCSI device with ID 2 on bus 0. On some
systems a device node may be specified directly,
e.g. '/dev/sg0' on Linux systems.

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