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How to burn an ISO image with Nero Express!

cool thanks. one question. The ISO.. what is it exactly?

say for example i have a cd called "PC-Dude Rampage" and I get the ISO, what else do I need other than the ISO to copy the disc and have it run just like the other cd.. or does the example have nothing to do with ISOs




Hi dubstar
if i understand you right! you don't know what a ISO is.
if i have read it wrong sorry.
if you want to copy a cd, you can (a) copy to a new cd or (b) to your HD.
then it will be a disk image aka/ ISO which you can upload to the net/p2p etc.
or burn to cd when you need to.
or do you mean can you run a ISO without burning to disk?
if so yes-you need daemon tools.


yes...an .ISO is actually a compete Image of the contents of a CD...using Cdrwin you can burn an iso to a cd...or even create .iso's


Originally posted by dubstar
so an ISO is an entire cd in 1 file? SWEEEEEEEEET!
Yes an ISO is a Snaptshot of the CD (Bins, and CCDs are as well) - Depending on the type of thing you are trying to back up will determan what you need to use, for example: if you are tring to back a normal cd like Windows XP then a normal iso will work .. If you are trying to back up a game ? ccd images are the best to use, if you would make these into an ISO (these are for copy protected now) you would need to get a no cd patch for it ... Alcohol will allow you to make and burn all these types plus some ..

You will find ISO more than any of the others because it is the most common, especially with Linux. That is mostly because of the Mkisofs and such ...

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