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How to build a network TV?

My home PC have a TV tuner card that can receive my country TV program.
Usually I have business trip.
How can I logging in my home PC to see the TV program in my home PC when I am on trip to other country?

Assume I have using broadband for both network. and I can't use ppslive.


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it might not be quite the answer you are looking for, but you could get a slingbox

Alternately, you could have your home PC record shows into a wmv format and share it out via a web page and/or other internet method (ftp, media server, etc)


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I use the original sling box before they migrated to three versions and i must say it was worth the money spent. i believe as an alternative that sony offeres a similar concept that you might be interested in.


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I run mythtv and it works great.
mythTV is great.. not sure if that woudl allow him to watch his shows from this home computer when he is traveling though as was the original question.. last time I checked, mythTV didn't include this ability - feel free to correct me if that has changed over the last couple years..


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I though he was looking for DVR software. I guess you could use MthPlayer http://sudu.dk/mythtvplayer/ but the recordings are so large, I doubt that it would be of use remotely. In fact, I think that would be a problem common to any DVR's. A 1 hour show is 2.2 GB's here.
Take a look at Orb. I haven't used it for live TV (that's supported too), but I use it to stream audio and video sometimes and it works nicely.

It also measures the available bandwidth and auto-transcodes files appropriately, so I've actually been able to stream video without glitching even to my Windows Mobile phone connected to a slower cellular data network. :)


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Hmm, it must reencode video's then. I know that my dvr records at around 5,000kBps, so that would be pretty much impossible to stream at that bitrate.

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