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How to block sites with Firefox?

hi guys i use FF 1.04 and was wondering how can i set it to block certain directories on a site, for example i wanna block the banner ads in the anandtech site, i know they are in http://images.anandtech.com/banners but when i select the 'Block images from' option it blocks all the images from Anandtech! i only want to block the banners and flash ads coz it can be really painful on my dial up connection. Any suggestions?

+ Reps to any1 who helps :D

thanx muzik, now ill give it ago.

BTW when i tried giving u rep, i got the following message:

"You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to muzikool again."

Ill try again later......
muzik i tried it out, looks pretty good.

thanx for the link the_tazinator, heres ur first rep (7 actually)

Admiral Michael u dont deserve any more reps ( coz u have more than me) actually ill give you some so that itll allow me to give to muzikool.

Mastershakes u dont get anything cuz of being a loser on the A64 vs. Celeron thread! Dude i was only joking in my post!!!!!!

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