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How to almost kill your TI4600


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well i figured today that i had owned the above card for about a year, when i got the card the 1st thing i did was remove the heatsink and replace with arctic silver on all 8 ram chips and the 4600 core.

took it apart today and noticed a few of the ram sinks had seperated into oil/silver. this is because i had to use it quite thick as the asus copper heatsink covers everything, both sides of the card so it is not by a long shot lapped and flat like a cpu sink is.

anyway, i replaced the 4600 core and the top 4 ram chips with artic silver ceramique, from a tester they sent me a while back..

sods law i ran out b4 i got to the bottom heatsink, so i used some AC3 i had. little did i realise i blob of ac3 had got between a couple of contacts during removal.

1st sign was the monitor shutting off for no reason. then on reboot i ran 3d mark and the pic was jumping all over the place...

OMG nooooooo i thought i had killed it. so apart she comes again, and with squinting eyes i found the blob of AC3.

it lives again :confused: thank f00k....


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You dont need to lay on arctic silver thick. A very thin layer covering the chip is all that is needed. Actually the thicker you apply it, the LESS effective it turns out to be. Just a little tip.



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i know that JJB, the only reason was the fact it didnt mate well on a thin layer, so i had to build it up in places until it coverd the heatsink properly, like i posted, its a all in 1 heatsink that covers 4 of the ram chips on the top plate :)

thats why i used artic silver ceramique this time, it can be used in thicker layers without the seperation problem of the AC3 product. :)

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