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How smart are you.....


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Crap... Only a zero.. And I'm really not that good looking either. :D Oh well, round two I got 10.. :D Tricky questions, yet totally logical questions.. I think the ticking clock throws one off bigtime.. :) You don't even really read the question.. Hahahahaha.... Good one man!!


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test is dumb.. all the answers have more then one answer just depends how u look at it.... I mean if u want to be a smart ass, then pick the smart ass answer...,. u can score a 10


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The clock forces you to just skim the questions...and that's why I got only 1 right :p

However, I do have some stunning good looks, so that helps.
Funny - 4 on the first try, 8 on the second try after I realized they were trick questions.

And I strongly disagree with one of the answers! If you have 3 pills and take them every 30 minutes they last 90 minutes not 60. each pill has an effectivity of 30 minutes. The last one isn't gone till it's effectiveness time is up.

At my age taking pills is my life.... ;)

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