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5 Jan 2004
I bought a second hard drive mainly for storage. Before, I had these media files on a (storage)partition of my main HDD, and since I've now moved over the larger files off the main HDD to the new HDD I'd be nice to have some extra room on my "games" partition. I know the Partition Magic will adjust them, without damaging any files, or so they say. Just wonderin how big a risk it is of losing everything from those two partitions, if not the whole drive?

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There is always risk, if nothing else a power outage during the process could damage the disk contents. Backup the data before you start.

Partition Magic 7 works great on 120 gig and smaller drives. I've used it for resizing several times. There were issues with the 160 gig and higher drives. About that time Norton bought PM and pretty much ran the software into the ground. I won't use it anymore. The latest version PM V8 is supposed to be able to handle larger drives ok but use it at your own risk it is loaded with really intrusive copy protection, like it will only install and work on one computer.

When I want to resize I back up my data patitions and image my windows partiton to another drive. Then I use the HD utilities to repartion and reload the HD from the backup. Time consuming but safe and it leaves you with a full back up.
As LeeJend said, there's always a risk.

I've used Partition Magic 8 to reduce the number of partitions across my 3 HDs from 7 to 4 without any problems although I was almost pulling my hair out because I had no room or errors. lol :p
I'd suggest Acronis diskmanager suite over partition magic.

Parition magic has hosed several of my partitions over the years I used to use it.

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