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How old?

how old are most of the users on this forum?
i personally think about 70% of the users are "experienced" (over 30 :) )coz u all know so much bout computers and anything related
i hav only been using computers for about 5 ish years
is anyone below the age of 16?


24 here. Been using computers since the old TI994A came out. Only used PC's seriously though since the age of 12.

i didnt really find out wot i was hopin to, so how many hours a week do u use a computer (honestly)
i use a computer probably about 3-5 hours a day so thats around 25 ish hours a week not inlcuding weekends


In answer to the first question: 28. My first computer was an IBM PCjr.

In answer to the 2nd question: 40 hours a week at work and on average an additional 30-40 hours a week at play. Most of the play is on the weekends, but I always manage to get in at least an hour or two a night.
i hav to spend most of my time at school...but im hoping for a career which i will be using a computer, not office, spreadsheet things, but graphics editing, or building computers.....something along those lines


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24... I been using computers on and off since I was about 10yrs old...

got my first rig when I was around 12 or 13.. was some funky epson machine... used to play monochrome game called CATS :)
I work with computers during the day and I do a LOT of side work after work as well as play on my home PC (not so much more since my little girl was born). I would have to say I probably spend a good 80 hours a week on a computer.


I was 56 in April and my first computer was an Apple IIe (circa 1984) - but got away from it for quite a while. I have been active again and learning (catching up) for the past three years.

I spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 hours a day online "playing" - ntfs and sp mostly. I also spend an additional hour catching up on email and doing letters/research!

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