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How old is the youngest WoW player you've ever seen


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I have seen some old folks playing WoW, but I am just wondering, how old is the youngest WoW player you've ever seen or heard of? Lol, that must be very interesting.


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I knew of a 9 year old once, and was he ever annoying as hell. OK, just picture this:

A guild I was then an officer in, this 9 year old, Camcam joins up, and gets on vent. He got g-invited in the middle of a raid which was already in progress. In a very high pitched and nasely voice he starts "Invite me to raid? Can I raid now?" blah, blah, blah. Every 30 seconds, it's the same thing, right in the raid channel, as people are trying to call stuff out for the fights. And he kept interupting in a very high pitched, kinda ear piercing voice, more then once per minute nagging to be put in the raid "now, now, now". I'm sure many have heard the sorta tantrum many young ones can have in a store when they want something bought, but their parents aren't buying. Now move this over to a kid wanting in the raid, already formed and in progress before they got invited...

So, the MT (who incidentally was 14) himself had enough and was like "he's annoying, can we kick him now?" Along with, "I might be young, but I don't think I was ever that annoying" :laugh: He lasted a few more minutes, before one of my fellow officers was like "enough already" and /gkick, as everyone was like "good riddance".


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I have an old guild ... I think we no longer have any young players. Until today I ginvited someone who I'm starting to think is five.


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Well, if you want to see if he/she is 5, you could always try telling him/her

I'd love you, in a stew,
you'd taste great with barbecue.
With some fries and cowlslaw on the side,
I would like to eat your hide.
or this one:

I Love You, You Love Me
People Say That We're Just Friends,
Actually We're Lesbians
If the person yells "mommy" or says "you meanie, you tease barney", he/she is 5 :p

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