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I've just treated myself to a few upgrades and will shortly have the following for sale.

Crucial Ati Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 266fsb
512mb DDR RAM (2700)
KR7a Mobo

How much do you think i could get for these, individually and as one?

Many thanks

PS PM me if you're interested.
hmm dont expect to get any more then 10% less then what newegg charges for each of those at full price unless you're selling to a computer hardware newb ^_^

some people might want 20-25% less since they're used if they're really knowledgable about hardware i think~


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teddy if you want I can move this to the trading post area... you just need to update your post with prices and shipping information and the like (ie free shipping or what)

btw.. what kind of memory is it?

for the other parts... (keep in mind the high point is the MOST you should ask given exchange rates and the like and the low point is a fair assesment that you can wrangle over :) and also convert usd to euro for yourself :D)

r300 == $150-200
2400+ = $50-70 depending on retail or not...
mobo (I assume its a kt266a ?) == $30-40

I am not too savvy with costs in the UK teddy so the pricepoints may actually be a littl higher :) but if you were to sell it here... thats fair prices I reckon given capabilities and functionality of the devices...


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Teddy said:
Crucial Ati Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb
PS PM me if you're interested.
well - I will post instead of PM because it's relevant to anyone. How much has the 9700 been "driven"? Have you had it a while and been running graphic intensive apps a lot? I am asking because that will run it hard and nothing lasts for ever as we all know, even with quality kit.
I might be interested at the right price, because I see graphics cards as overproced generally. I am in London which shouold help- and the right price would tempt me because my Nvidia FX 5200 is the "weak spot" in my current rig. So you startt with the gen on that and what you might expect and I'll give a yes or no on it, OK?


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Mainframeguy - i've never overclocked the card (literally! Im not into that sorta thing) and it has been used for applications along the lines of the Office suite, photoshop, PaintShop Pro, games such as Enemy Territory...nothing out of the ordinary and certainly nothing graphics intensive. I like to look after my HW and wouldnt mind posting some pics of it if that would make you feel more confident in the item.

Pricewise...ooh, i'd be look for about £130. The lowest i could find new was a Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb at costing £187.53. I'd like to think £60ish off is reasonable. Let me know what you think ok, if it's a bit steep just say!

Edit: I'm very close to London too, just a bit down from the Greenwich side of Blackwall tunnel. Wouldn't have to send it far.


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Sazar - it's TwinMOS memory, not overclocked at any time. Oh, they does have heat sinks on to help dissipate the heat. My father suggested that one.

Shipping would be however they buyer wanted it sent, ie Royal Mail Special Delivery @ whatever that costs etc etc. I could even strap it to the back of a pidgeon to help cut costs! ;)

Price for the other two? working on it. If this can be left here until i've put something together then i can be moved??

Thanks all.


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Teddy said:
Pricewise...ooh, i'd be look for about £130. .... I'm very close to London too, just a bit down from the Greenwich side of Blackwall tunnel. Wouldn't have to send it far.
OK I believe you RE never O/C - that makes you very similar to me! Price I was hoping for was £100 actually. But given I must literally be within five miles and could collect if that suited would you be interested in £115 of the folding stuff - IE cash, not cheque? Basically I'm trying to meet you half way and if you'd like more dosh I'd have to think about it and probably not collect as quick... Lemme know anytime (am online every weekday workwise and make spot checks weekends)


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£115 sounds reasonable. What i'll do is wait to make sure all my stuff turns up this weekend then get back to you as soon as i can (Monday i'd imagine).

Looks good though. :)


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Teddy said:
... get back to you as soon as i can (Monday i'd imagine).

Looks good though. :)
Oh - thought you had upgraded already! Anyways I guess I can wait and maybe I'll even get paid and save on overdraft! Seeing as I am Herne Hill would you consider dropping it by if I covered any cost, or do I need to make time to pick up? Evening be OK maybe? Errrr guess we should deal with rest of this via email :eek: Unless I get outbid :eek: But I somehow doubt that :rolleyes:

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