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How Much RAM?



My system currently uses 512MB PC2700 (CL2). I'm considering upgrading to 1024MB because i feel the need. Will the additional 512MB bring any benefits? I play a lot of games and I like to run them at the max settings.

P4 2.8
Abit SR7-8X
512MB PC2700 (at present!)
GF4 Ti4600
etc etc etc

well what u should do is see how much Ram your system is currently using, if it's on the average using less then 75% of total ram don't upgrade cause it's a waste, but if it's using more then 75% then upgrade. Your not going to see no huge increase in benefits though. XP handles ram pretty good actually. your choice really



I'll take your advice as i'm using no where near 75% of the memory, more like 75% free. How about setting up a raid 0 array? Would that bring me noticable improvement over my single drive?

Thanks again.
There will be some increase, but only while loading from the disk (starting games, loading levels). I'd say it's not worth the risk. You won't get higher FPS.
Same opinion here. If you have entire games copyied from CDs to HDD; then you might and will see increases in loading speed; game save time; but that is all.

Go with more memory :) I have 1024 and I'm really happy about it .


XP Uses all the RAM

XP doesn't have idle RAM. XP is a pagefile OS and designed that way. It will use all of the RAM all of the time. Although some of the functions will be redundant the RAM is still used. The use will be reassigned and additional virtual memory added or removed as needed. Noone can agree how much RAM is enough. The general concensus is that the average user doesn't need more than 512MB. If you are a server, more is good.
RAID 0 is used to enhance the performance of disk-heavy applications. For instance audio/video production uses large amounts of data that needs to be shuffled around a lot. RAID 0 is only supposed to be used for temporary storage, for instance uncompressed video streams waiting for compression.



get the extra 512 mb of ram. if you have pc2700 for a full 1024 megs you are going to be surprised at what you can do. I have this. I am able to burn a cd, listen to mp3s, and play a graphics intensive game (ut2003) all at once. See burning a cd takes a lot of RAM for buffering and such, and so do games and winamp and things. If you have 1gb, take 300 for system and basic things like AIM, and other tray things. A graphics intensive game takes about 170 megs at its peak. Burning a CD takes about 100-200 megs depending on a lot of factors. Now be happy cuz you can do all three at once. I did it

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