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How much is your electricity a month?


Blame me for the RAZR's
Just got my bill. Damn AC.

259.00 USD this month im at a rate of13.65 cents for one kWh and i used roughly 1760 kwh... man..


Stranger Than Fiction
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When I lived in Fargo we had cheap power. Even running the AC 24/7 in the summer I still never paid over $70. When I lived in Florida I was lucky to be under $300. I have no idea what that equals out to per kwh.


Act your wage.
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Just got mine today, too. $142 for a 900 square-foot apartment, with the lights and A/C off during the day while away at work. Freaking summer heat.

Evil Marge

I Rule
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259.00 USD?? Good grief, thats nearly £140 in real money :eek:

We get our bills quarterly but even then they don't come anywhere near that :dead: You sure your not paying the neighbours leccy bill too? :laugh:


OSNN Advanced
259.00 USD?? Good grief, thats nearly £140 in real money :eek:

We get our bills quarterly but even then they don't come anywhere near that :dead: You sure your not paying the neighbours leccy bill too? :laugh:

Good ol' Britainia... not TOO hot, and not too cold... yay :p (damn i'm sweating like a pig. j/k)


█▄█ ▀█▄ █
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Mine ranges from 30-80 a month depending on activity. The place I live is like a Brick oven so A/C has to be on while I'm here :(


Blame me for the RAZR's
i live in houston texas lol.... its freaking 95 outside. with 100% humidity. But aside form the AC the 1 rig, 1, server and 2 laptops that are running most of the time dont help things heat wise or power wise.

I wonder how much i would save ditching this 21 and 19inch crts for a dell 2700 and a 19 inch dell.. hmm.. hehe


.. Commodore ..
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My electric isn't that bad. Natural Gas on the other hand is around 500.00 a month !!! I hate the people who set the prices. They flippin charge a 50.00 a month commodity charge, what the heck is that ??


Secret Goat Fetish
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i dont pay, parents do :p

which is a good thing when i can have 42" plasma tv/xbox 360/laptop/2 lights/air con all going quite easily when i'm in the room :eek:


Carbon based lifeform
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I think my worst bill is $33.00 during Christmas...during summer it is around $20.00, and normally about $12.00. Don't know why...we bought the house from the original owner, and even he was getting these kinds of bills. the First year was the best, we paid $72.00 dollars for the year.


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I am on an equal payment plan and I pay the same amount every month whether it is more than that or less than that.

bush dogg

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The utility company breaks the bill down as listed below, not bad for as hot as it’s been the last month (Damn I hate to pay this) but next month will be worse by my guess around $200 more.
Note: Natural gas cost for winter is worse!!

Electric Charge -------------- $298.36
Water Charge ------------------ 50.42
Kansas Water Plan Tax ---------- 0.34
Payment in lieu of taxes -------- 27.55
Sales Tax ----------------------- 7.24
Total B.P.U. Utility Bill -------- $383.91
Total City of KCK Bill ------------ 36.12

Total Current Bill-------------- $420.03

We conserve about all that can be, so this is low as it gets in the summer.


F@H - Is it in you?
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$109 for my electric.

AC on full time and pc on 24/7 plus other stuff. Washer/dryer at least 4/5 times a week and what not.

Y'alls bills are crazy.


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Average $100 month. A/C and 2 fans on 24/7 because of the dogs. PC 24/7. 3 bdrm 1500 sq ft house. Not bad compared to most of you.

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