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how much can the XP 1800 be o/c w/o unlocking?


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how much can the xp+1800 be overclocked without being unlocked? i have the A7V333 mobo and ddr2700 ram.

thx, Apu


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should PROBABLY be able to get up to around 1.65/1.7 ghz aircooled...

depends VERY VERY highly on the quality of your heatsink though...

should be able to get to 1.6 no probs...


do it slowly though.. do not jerk it up in one shot... go up in 1 mhz increments after your fsb is clocked up to like 139/140 or something so you don't burn things out

you void warranty by oc'ing your rig... remember that...

also clocks for all pci/agp devices go up... don't burn em out..

know what you are doing..


hey sazar...can you help me a bit? euhm i have an intel celeron 1.3 ghz, it's currently clocked at 1.48 ghz and works fine, the setting right now is 114x13.0, the multiplier is locked.... but when i go one setting higher, 117x13.0 the soundcard isn't working, probably because the pcibus speed is then 39 mhz in stead of 33, but at my current settin (114x13.0) its 38 and works fine. (lots of nonsense innit?) But my real question is, there is another option, when i change the fsb to 133.3, the pci bus goes back to 33, and the rambus goes from 100 to 133, the cpu bus is then something like 1725 mhz, but when i save and restart nothing happens....


what could that be, i have two rammodules, one is 64 mb @100mhz and the other 256@133mhz, i took the first one out, but it still aint working???


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not sure I follow completely there g-lizard.

am not sure of the way intel's work.. should be similar to amd's but I dunno if you can unlock em like you can amd athlons..

thats a decent overclock in its own right mate...

if you rig is not starting up or something like that... heh I've done that too :)

its a safety feature generally unless you REALLY kick up the sb... then you mighta burnt out yer cpu...

mess around with the cmos bat... short it so it clears and then put the pin back in the original config and start it up again

should work fine :)

a lot of times your bios will have options in it that you may not be able to use for your particular cpu :)

heh I have clock multipliers to 15 on mine.. but I can't use em coz my cpu is locked @ 12... not for long but it is right now heh..

check out some intel oc'ing websites for your info.. I can't help you on it... sorry mate :)


what u mean desimatrix...can't be my cpu, cuz i've seen celeron 1.3ghz work at 1.8 or even 2.0 ghz....


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how much you can increase the front side bus (fsb) of your motherboard is based on that--your motherboard. and the pci cards you're using. it is at 133 right now and, if you're lucky, you might be able to get it at 140 until your pci cards stop working or your system doesn't boot at all. and a 5% increase in speed isn't worth the incompatibility you might face, in my opinion. if you still want to, you would be able to overclock it to a 1900+ (around 1.6ghz) but that's probably about it.

your celeron has a 100mhz bus speed and you're trying to run it at 133... it's just not going to happen. you would have to get a chip that has a 133mhz bus speed like a p3 or p4.


Damn....didn't thought of that....crappy...i just bought the stuff...well just gotta stick wit this setting then...but do you know how to unlock a celeron..is that possible..? and how the hell do the others got it up to 1.8 ghz...????


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if it's not naturally unlocked, then i'm quite sure there is no way to unlock it. i have a p3 750 that's naturally unlocked so at some point intel made all their chips locked. as to how some others increase their fsb by 40-50% is beyond me. i've always been curious about that, myself.


I got my xp 1800 to boot @ 1.8 ghz...but it did bad things to my radeon(little checkerboard peices all over 3d appz...fine in 2d tho)


My XP1800+ can be oc to 1702MHz (11.5 x 148). it is locked, and i didnt increase my CPU voltage. it is at 1.750V.

If at stock speed, 1.533GHz (11.5 x 133), it can operate at 1.700V very stable.

My cpu model is AROIA...

My previous 1800+ AGKGA model got burnt due to excess voltage....dammit...to operate at 1.667GHz, i had to increase the voltage to 1.95V. Then u know....things went waywards....


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my speed... 1.73 ghz..

to get there in bios I upped my Vcore to 1.775 and upped my fsb to 143...

ran sisoft sandra pro edition for a whole night using burn in process whereby she will put 100% load on rig and test if things are working

no problem reports... everything worked perfect.. was thinking of going higher but don't want to risk damage to any products..

don't believe my fsb? check out my score at the bottom of my sig...

my radeon was not oc'd when I ran the test though :)

if you are doing things in your bios and your rig start acting up... please go back down to default and start again...

if you DO screw something up.. make sure you clear your cmos by shortening the clip (ie. it will be a 3 pin setup.. move the clip from where it is across one position leave it for a min, move it back and boot)

NOTE do NOT do this when your computer is ON... you might damage it

once cmos is cleared.. reboot and enter all settings in manually :) and you are home free...

if this does not work heh... you're pooped coz something mighta fried... grab yer cc or check book and pray real hard when you go to hardware vendor :)

before you start oc'ing your heatsink shoul be GOOD and your mobo should be designed to handle it...

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