How many systems do you build per annum?

So- how many systems in average year?

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29 Aug 2002
OK - this is for PERSONAL use builds of course - and you can include those you build for others to use but maybe not the cases where you upgrade just a processor (after all that is hardly a new system!).

personally I average two a year, one bwing for me and another maybe for someone who wants a freebie from assorted finds and leftovers as I build etc etc.
I built two new computers in 2006, but now that I am happy with the second one so I am just going to continue upgrading it.
I either get requested to build lots, or none, this year I only built one, and bought a pre-built (mac) :)
personally, never had a desktop and it's surely not cost effective to build a laptop
If you count machines I build for others, usually 5-10 depending on how busy I am per year if not more. I refer most people to Dell these days for basic home use, but I custom build anything that has reasonable needs.
I built 6 servers on monday, probably don't count though
0, i only have laptops :eek:

do quite a lot of playing about with other people's desktops mind, upgrades etc.
Only when I feel the urge. Probably once every 2-3 years.
Usually about 2 per year unless I have family or friends that want a new machine.
I seen to be putting together a bunch of underwhelming machines for friends/family on the cheap these days.
mainframeGuy...where is my marmite? Hmmmm???
Wow! I'm impressed you remember - now then - I'll need to search over about five computers for your address.... which (I am guessing) may have changed.... Know I have moved abotu three times since then - if you care to PM me again maybe I'll see what is possible for Christmas.....

The good news is you can now buy it in plastic (squeezable) containers suitable for shipping.... So maybe it was worth the wait?
since I class replacing board cpu ram and video card a new machine, 1.5 a year :)

Although thanks to nvidia this mainbaord wont be seeing more than 2 months use, so if anyone needs a high end intel mainbaord free in london give me a shout in janurary:)
Built two servers and a workstation this past weekend :D

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