how many hard drives can win xp pro see?


21 Jun 2002
how many HDD's can win xp pro see and how much space can it see? i know there is a limit but i dont know waht it is

i am just woundering because i am building a 1.5tb server and was thinking for an easy os i would use XP and also for remote desktop
Well SATA RAID controllers such as the RC4000 Series Serial ATA RAID Controllers can use up to 32 drives.

And it has greater than 2 Terabyte support per array.

And supports Windows 2000, XP and 2003.

Adaptec also has Serial ATA 16-port RAID cards. Soooo that's alot.

I don't know how much capacity XP can use though.

Maybe this will help?
I found this also:

Problems running 2 250gb hard drives with xp pro?
I'm gearing up for the boxing day sales and am hoping to get a pair of WD 250GB se's for cheap tomorrow or the day after.
I'm going to be running them off a promise ata card that they say will support LBA 48bit larger than 137gb as long as I have the newest bios for the card, which is not a problem to do, it's more so windows that I'm concerned with.
Xp pro, with SP1. Any problem getting it to see the full capacity of the 2 drives?

None whatsoever.

I've got 4 160GB hard drives in my dual 2500 system, and they're in 2, 2-drive RAID 0 arrays; each array has a formatted capacity of ~310GB, and Win XP sees all 310GB just fine.

Don't know if any of this or my other post is helpful or not.
I'm running 13 Hard Drives on IDE, SCSI, USB, Promise for a total of 947.5GB's and have no problem in XP Pro. Other devices (DVD burners, etc) complete the 26 drive letters allowed. It takes about 7 minutes to boot completely to a working desktop, but I'm retired and have lots of time. Everything works fine.
As gonaads mentioned difficult to see what if any limit XP has.
I have 2@120GB .and 1@40GB IDE133's and 1@120GB Sata =400 GB problem.
I think the limit is actually in partitions, I don't think you can have more than 24; C-Z since A,B are reserved for floppies, but if you use an array I would think that 2TB is the limit.

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