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How many forum members to change a light bulb



7 to post that the bulb needs changing but they can't do it because they are at work and the firewalls are stopping them

14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently

7 to caution about the dangers of changing light bulbs

27 to point out spelling/grammar errors in posts about changing light bulbs

53 to flame the spell checkers

41 to correct spelling/grammar flames

6 to argue over whether it's "lightbulb" or "light bulb"

6 to condemn the previous 6 as anal-retentive

2 industry professionals to inform the group that the proper term is "lamp"

15 know-it-alls who claim *they* were in the industry, and that "light bulb" is perfectly correct

3 moderators to post that this forum is not about light bulbs and to please take this discussion to a lightbulb forum

203 to demand that cross posting to the tech forum, chat forum, and lightbulb forum about changing light bulbs be stopped

111 to defend the posting saying that we all use light bulbs and therefore the posts *are* relevant to this forum

306 to debate which method of changing light bulbs is superior, where to buy the best light bulbs, what brand of light bulbs work best for this technique, what brands are faulty and why Dave from "Lamps'R'us" is a tool with no customer relations

27 to post images of examples of different light bulbs

14 to post that the URL's were posted incorrectly and then try to post the corrected URL's

3 to post about links they found from the URL's that are relevant to this forum which makes light bulbs relevant to this forum

33 to link all posts to date, quote them in their entirety including all headers, signatures and images, and add "Me too"

12 to post to the forum that they will no longer post because they cannot handle the light bulb controversy

4 to say "didn't we go through this already a short time ago?" or "keep up at the back!"

3 to post random comments about donkey love to 'lighten the mood'

26 to state that posts about donkey love are offensive and the posters should be banned

8 posters to moan about freedom of speech

6 alter-egos to flame the previous 37 and suggest that they only posted about donkey love because they wish they could have a donkey of their own to 'love'

12 people to start new threads about how hostile this forum has become and how no-one should post on the 'lightbulb' thread and we should all talk about something nice instead

Aaaaaand finally....
1 forum lurker to respond to the original post 6 months from now and start it all over again


Overclocked Like A Mother
My firewall at work is preventing me from posting the proper URL. I will wait until I get home........................



There is nothing wrong with donkey love so long as it is consensual, and the donkey is of legal age.


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
What about the light bulb overclockers??? how could you forget about O/C'ing the lightbulb!!!!???

Who here has overclocked their lightbulb and by how many megawatts?

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