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How many computers


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Hi all
I have just been asked by a guy i help if there is a limit as to how many computers you can network to a WinXP computer.
I didn't know if there was a limit. he wants to connect another three or four computers and his router has spare connections.

He has 1=Windows XP Pro computer and 3=Windows98 computers because his business stuff only runs on Win98.

The XP computer is the main one that connects to the internet, and all the computers can see/talk to each other, if you know what i mean.

so would it be ok to connect another three or four computers to the router, or is there a limit.
I think the router has 8 conections.



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I think the limit is like 255 or so that can be linked together, I have only had 5 hard-wired and 2 wireless.


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Connections to the router are limited by ports on the router, obviously.

There is a limit set to 10 concurrent connections to an XP Professional workstation. If more is needed, you need a server Operating System.

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