How [insert italic here] can you be?


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what inspired me...

was the fact that I cannot have my speakers on when it gets late and the love of my life's gone to bed where the 'pooter is and my headphones are too short in the wired dept to reach for my comfort (no wifi spkrs here, just a network!). With me so far? Ok now wait for my "idea"...

So.... I thought.... because I like the "listening to" on my sig I could upload a playlist to my MP3 then start it the same time as on my 'pooter and leave the speakers off and everything should still work out! Meaning my "now listening to" will show something the 'pooter is not playing physically, but I am hearing from another device that should remain synchronised...

Now, how sad is that?

C'mon guys, don't let me down I expect at least one :D from this thread! :rolleyes:


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I'll think of something to post lol... I am sure there are some things (like spending all day/night working on the pc when there is something wrong... even if it is not mine :D )

concerning your short speaker wires situation... consider simply using a m$ sidewinder headset hub ( the headphones are decent but the hub is the sweet part) and it will add about 6 feet of headphone length straightaway for your need as well as allowing you to switch between headset and speakers with the flick of a button...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Excellent idea - where can I find it?

Sazar said:
consider simply using a m$ sidewinder headset hub ( the headphones are decent but the hub is the sweet part) ...
me likes hubs - have one in my monitor! sweet - will consider (wish I has a birthday soon!) :D thanks - unexpected but nice post! ;)

[EDIT] :confused: When I try googling this up I can find it here (so I know it's a bit pricey!) But I'm in the UK... anyone know a good source for me to get one of these beasts? Off to try E-bay, would love to get one at a keen price... Thanks again Sazar, I'm sold on the idea already! :cool: [/EDIT]

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