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How hot is too hot ?

I'm new here... i was wondering...
i have a amd athlon 1500+ and my cpu temp is at 57 celcius. Is that hot ? i don't want it to overheat. What is the normal temp for this cpu? I'm planning on gettting a new heatsink. Any suggestion?


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if it gets to 65 then.. RUN! hehe id take a can of compressed air and get the dust out between the heat sink you prob drop 5 degrees. (if you havent done this in awhile)
Even if i clean out the dust in the fan.... it'll be around 53 celcius. So what is the average temp for a amd 1500+ ? it got up to 60 once... so is it worth changing the heatsink ?


There is no answer!
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When i saw the thread heading i thought you were talking about a hot lady, i know shallow as i am.


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Generally, when your CPU starts billowing smoke, making sizzling noises or suddenly decides to stop working, you know things are getting too hot :D

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