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how hard to learn to run a linux server?

Perris Calderon

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as you saw in my previous thread, my friend needs tons of servers.

How hard is it for me to set him up with his own servers, lfor me to earn and keeping the system healthy?

I'm entirely in the dark here so I have to start from scratch regarding EVERYTHING, operating system, running servers, providing ip's (he needs a base of 11 static ip's per server)

I'm so in the dark I don't even know if I'm asking the right questions here

he understands there's going to be a learning curve for me, I want to know whay you guys think that learning curve will be


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I would say dont do it, only because of the sheer volume of bandwith required, even without the learnign curve...

MOST ISP's wont even allow servers on the network without having a commercial account, just something to think about...

Either way good luck...


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Learning how to properly admin Linux servers takes years, it requires knowledge that can only be fostered by tinkering, having your system hacked, trying to fix it, playing around with it, screwing up config files and other stuff. The only reason I know what I do is because I started with a Linux distro on a 133 Mhz with 64 MB ram, and messed with it until it broke, start from scratch and try again.

There is no real "guide" to learning Linux. Your best bet is to grab a Linux distro and set it up (don't install X11, make it console only), then SSH to it, and try setting up random services (mail, apache, PHP, MySQL) if you fail, re-install until you don't fail. After you don't fail, configure the services. If you fail, start out with clean configs again.

Put it online, and don't patch it for a while. Let it get hacked, then when it has been hacked, take it offline and try to find the source of the hack, how it happened, what it changed on your system, and all that kinds of junk. Learn how to program in C to understand how all the system parts work together. learn to program C to understand these hacks and rootkits so you can further protect yourself against them, and undo any damage that has been done so far.

And keep going. This is not something you can do in even half a year. It takes years.

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