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How far will a 2.4 pentium go?



How far will a 2.4 go?

I have a Pentium 4 (533FSB) 2.4ghz CPU. Its currently running at 2.66ghz at a nice 38 degrees when idle. If i chucked in a stick of PC3200 ram, how much further could I overclock with standard cooling?

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It depends really on the processor itself, as each one is different. Furthermore, it is not really the uppermost limit that you should be setting your sights on, but more a compromise between stability and speed. You could probably get it to about 3.2ghz, though i doubt it would be very stable.
I have gotten my 2.6 up to 3.02, though it wasnt completely stable.


Dont know if this will help but hey .... I'v got a 2.6 (800Mhz) P4, iv got mine running at 3Ghz all the time and the temp only rose by a couple of degs, with no special cooling, just the H/s and fan and an extractor fan at the back. I did take it higher but didnt really want to push it too hard, so i kept it there. Runs all games, benchmarks, 3DS Max renders etc all fine. Using an Asus P4P board and corsair RAM (1x512)
You should be looking at more than the CPU. An upgrade in memory is only part of overclocking as each component goes into the same common device (the motherboard).

Your chip may go to 3Ghz but will your mobo allow you this? I'd lean towards an Asus or Abit mobo for reaching the extreme limits of the particular P4.


I havent read any specific info, but this board (see sig) does have seperate settings for pci/agp and host clock, and lets you change voltages of cpu/mem, so it doesnt look that bad. so far its running at 2.75ghz with no problems. Off to try 2.77 and possibly 2.8 now :) .


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if you set your cpu:memory divider to 1:1, your pc2700 memory should be fine. in this case, a 630mhz fsb would mean your memory was running at 315mhz. (pc2700's good for 333)

the 1:1 ratio will get you better performance in the end, anyway.


Im currently running at 2.8ghz, with memory speed of 390mhz. Don't know if its stable yet. I don't really want to reduce the memory speed, as its a major reason for overclocking: to increase memory bandwidth. Its already gone up at least 400mb/s. I think this is as far as I will go. Thanks for all the help guys

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