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How far will a 2.2c go?



I recently Oc'd for the first time..My 2.2 ghz celly now runs at a whopping 2.32 ghz..I achived this by raising the freq from 100 to 105..and then I began to wonder..how fast could I get this chip running, and how would I go about doing it. Knowning the answer to neither of these questions I've turned to you, Please tell me how to get the most speed out of this chip, my system specs are as follows
P4 Celeron FSB @ 100 2.2ghz stock
Matasonic MS9337C
Thermaltake Spark (not sure of the number 6 or 7 I know its rated for p4 3.06's though)
512 DDR2100 Generic Ram
Phoenix Bios 6.0 PG
LN2, Asus or Abit mobo, some Corsair XMS DDR, and consider a P4 Northwood.

Oh, and a copy of ModBin to hack the already overclocker-friendly bios of an Asus or Abit.
The Celerons are selling at 2.5 gig now so they can theoretically go that far given sufficient cooling. Not a whole lot of improvement.

Make sure your FSB is being increased independently of your AGP/PCI and Memory clocks. The memory will just crash, but overclocking the PCI and AGP can cause hardware failures.

Watch the CPU temperature as you increase the frequency. If the temp goes up a degree or 2 then levels out you are okay to keep going. If it keeps rising back off a notch.

Run a heavy load test like sisoft sandra cpu arithmetic benchmark or your favorite game. Under heavy load keep the CPU temp under 55-58 deg C.

Remember you can fry hardware overclocking. And it may not happen for weeks or months.


Again with the CURRENT hardware how fast can I get my 2.2c running, if you're just going to tell me to get new hardware don't bother replying, if I had money to toss around I wouldn't be trying to squeeze the last couple of megahertz out of my cpu..
i think they've already told you.

your fsb is 100, which by today's standards, isn't that great. that's probably the major thing holding you back. i'd say with that chip and your current specs, you're at peak right now. who cares how fast you can get that chip running, your fsb speed is way too low.

i think the others hit the nail on the head - it's time to upgrade. start saving your money. remember, if you can afford 1 can of soda per day, you can afford to upgrade.


wtf my fsb is 100 but my friend who has a p4 with a sys bus of 800 only has a fsb of 200, this chip is much newer and only has twice the fsb, mine has a sys bus of 400..so how can you tell me that my fsb is completely outdated when a chip thats a full year older is only twice as better..and I haven't looked hard but I've yet to find a system bus speed for any AMD Chip..they seem only to brag about their fsb..I think you're just a bunch of amd enthusiasts


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A FSB of double is alot of improvement btw, especially because it increases the memory bandwith. AMD's FSB are not quad pumped like intel, they are only double, so an AMD running with a 200FSB only has an effective speed of 400.

I am not an AMD fan, quite the opposite. Intel's OC just as easily as AMD's but they usually start to get real hot real fast after a certain point, but AMD's start out hot. 6 to 1 half a dozen to the other.

I am not a believer in OCing, all you really accomplish is possible unstability, extra strain on the hardware, higher temps, and all this for what is usually minimal performance gain. It is too much risk just for a higher 3DMark scrore.


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boy, kanbeki... sorry you're havingtrouble getting good answers to your question... but here's what i have to offer...

but an athlon xp 2500+, abit nf7-s...
just kidding! :p

first thing i'd do... since you have pc2100 memory (133mhz), set your fsb/memory ratio to 1:1 so your memory will be running at 100mhz. so as you increase your fsb, your memory will go up with it and you won't be limited by the memory running over it's 133mhz rated speed. you copy? like, if you get the fsb to 115, the memory will be running at 115 (230 ddr) and still within spec. and honestly, having your memory running synchronously (1:1) with your fsb is the most efficient and usually the best way to go anyway.

then do like you were doing. try 110 right off the bat and i bet it will be stable. but do 5-10 minutes of stress-testing in the form of a 3d benchmark or game. if everything seems good, then go back and up it another 2mhz and do another round of testing. and just keep doing this until you encounter problems. at which point, lower your fsb 1mhz and see if it's fine then. if not, lower it another 1mhz. once you find your limit, you can if you want, increase your cpu's voltage. this will likely enable you to achieve a higher overclock so after you increase it, go back to finding your max fsb again.

but watch your temps! increasing the frquency and voltage both directly affect your cpu's heat output. but also realize that as long you as you don't make any large increases to frequency and voltage, it's very unlikely that you'll cause any damage to your processor. so don't be afraid.

hope this is clear. good luck and let us know of your progress.
Taurus already explained it all. All CPUs have different limits. My 2.66 P4 was able to be pushed to 3.43Ghz stock cooled, others can't go half of that with liquid cooling. With some ASII, and lapping the heatsink and processor, I was able to push this b*tch beyond the 3.8Ghz mark. Just do what Taurus told you to do, and I wish you luck. If you want to, lap the heatsink and CPU, and you'll have to use barely any thermal compund, and your cooler is much more efficient.

Oh, by the way, if you had a better video card, your current processor should last you quite some time, and should do quite well performance-wise. That bit of overclocking doesn't hurt either. :) Damn, these celerys got beefy.


A SLK-900U recently fell into my hands

and I'm thinking about using it for my cooler..I just need a fan to go along with it..and for Black-synth to explain this "lapping" technique, I'm not sure I understand what you mean..


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nice heatsink! i just installed the SLK-900A last night. same thing except mine uses clips instead of the boards mounting holes since mine doesn't have them.

if it's not going to be used for anything else, definitely slap in on your celeron. it's sort of overkill, but there's no such thing as too cool. find a 92mm fan to go on it as anything smaller just means less air and more noise.

lapping means getting the bottom of your heatsink as smooth as possible which involves different grits of some special sandpaper and water. i wouldn't worry yourself about it.


I put the SLK-900U on but now I'm worried to bejesus the ispropyl alcohol I used was only 70% pure and now my base clockspeed is odd and it hung on first boot not to mention bios halted on initial boot saying it detected a new chip...and I only have an 80mm casefan on the sink but ..I've only noticed a 3 degree temp difference..please don't tell me that I royally anal raped my comp for 3 degrees.


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Originally posted by kanbeki
I put the SLK-900U on but now I'm worried to bejesus the ispropyl alcohol I used was only 70% pure and now my base clockspeed is odd and it hung on first boot not to mention bios halted on initial boot saying it detected a new chip...and I only have an 80mm casefan on the sink but ..I've only noticed a 3 degree temp difference..please don't tell me that I royally anal raped my comp for 3 degrees.
just to make sure since there was no mention of it, you did apply some thermal compound to the cpu/heatsink contact area, right?

and if you did, it's probably only a small difference because your temps were pretty low to begin with. you never said what they were after all. :p

and those weird things that happened after bootup were probably just the effects of maybe a little esd from your fingers or something clearing the cmos. your bios settings might be set to default so you might want to check that.


I used Artic Silver as thermal compound and I've gone through and reset my bios but after running for nine hours on high cpu usage it hit a temp of 86F...I don't think thats normal..

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