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How does wireless do with gaming?


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Hey guys,

Well I am thinking about setting up a wireless network when I move. I am moving out of my sister's house, and into my aunts house, where there is no ethernet setup in my room. My room is on the second floor right side of the house... and the cable modem is on the first floor left side of the house. And it's a relatively big house [at least by my standards]. They told me that I can get a network cable run up to there, but that's going to be coming out of my pocket.

Now I'm a fan of the network that I am running now. It runs great, and I have no complaints. It is a wired network though, using a Linksys BEFSR41. But now I'm thinking about doing the whole wireless network thing because I don't have any ideas about who I can call to get the network cable run to my room [any ideas?]

For the most part there are two things I am going to be doing. Gaming, and I will also have a server that will be used to back up a lot of files for everybody. Now, my rig is eventually going to be water cooled, so I'm not too keen on having to put in a wireless PCI card. I see that they have these USB adapters that plug in and you get wireless internet through them. Are they going to give me exactly the same performance as I would if I had a wireless NIC card?

What about gaming, am I going to notice a difference? I don't know what kind of cordless phones they use, I don't think it's the newest thing on the market, but I don't know. I know that there is only one microwave in the path of the network. I'm just seriously considering this, but I need some kind of input first. Some people say stick with wired if I can help it. Others say that they have absolutely no problems when it comes to running a wireless network through the house...

Cliff notes:

1) How do I find out who I need to contact in order to get a cable run from one side of the house to the other?
2) What do you guys think about setting up a wireless network?
3) How does a wireless network affect gaming?
4) What if I have two wireless devices in the same room?
5) How does a wireless network affect the sharing of files on a network, for backup purposes?
well if the houses are just next to each other or across the street then just put a wireless router at the window in your house and when you get to your aunt's house you will be able to connect through your wireless card, or you can do it the ghetto way extend a network cable all the way from house to house :p


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I never said the houses are going to be even remotely close to one another. My house right now is on the other side of town compared to my aunt's house. My room is going to be on the opposite side of the house as the cable modem is on, that is why I am thinking about wireless because I don't know how much this is going to cost me to get a wire run from one place to another, and I don't know who to get into contact with in order to run cable from one place to another.


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IMHO if it is just the modem to one machine you will save $'s and get better signal running a CAT5 cable - and even if you do want to go wireless in the end you are better off running the CAT5 now so that you can connect your WAP to that point eventually.

So that's the way to go from my point of view. You can easily buy pre-terminated cables in longer lengths, I just got a 25m cable in funky green for about £12 (around $20).


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Well there is going to be a network going on. Three computers total. My aunt's, which would be hooked up to the router by cable regardless. Then my computers, wired or wireless depending on the cost of running the wire and who to contact.

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