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how does this program work anyway?


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im interested in getting a program to always have a computer in a certain state, that way, if anything is erased, after rebooting it'll be like it was before that certain thing was erased.

ive checked out some sites and found this one:


my question is, what exactly does it do? does it keep a type of drive image on the hard drive? im very intrigued by this, since if it is actually foolproof, i can secure my work's corp. network.



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Nifty concept. Reminds me of Terminal Server. :)

I'd have a problem with a sys or group of sys' "rewriting" themselves each time they reboot. Active Directory and managed desktops (users can't view/save to/install on/edit the C drive) kinda works well, from my experience.


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yeah, thats what it says. that the c drive is "untouchable" so whenever you write to it, it gets erased. you have to save to another partition (a "thaw" space, as the page calls it). my question is, what exactly does it do to actually revert the system to its condition without taking too much boottime.


I've used this product before. It works quite well. I don't know exactly how it works, but basically it will lock down a drive so that any changes that are made are completely gone the next time you reboot. I used to run it on some old Compaq laptops and I don't recall the boot times being horrendous. They were definately longer than normal, but not too bad all things considered.


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i didnt see that link Ziptrx, thanks. however, it still doesnt tell me how the program works.


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