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How do you stop Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing on startup?

Goodafternoon everyone,

I was just wonderin, how can you stop Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing from starting up at startup? As in the the taskbar icon comes up (see attachment) on startup and i dont want it to. Ive looked in MSConfig on the startup tab and couldnt find anything ticked relating to Netmeeting. Is there anywhere i can go to stop it? I dont want to fully disable it completely because i need to use it sometimes.

Thank you for your help and time

Alex :cool:


NTFS Stoner
i would do a search of the startup folders in registry location




should be there m8..
Thank you for your help GoNz0 :)

I found out there was a tick box in the actual Netmeeting program saying "disable netmeeting remote desktop sharing" so i just clicked that.. and ill enable it whenever i need to use it again

thank you for the quick reply GoNz0 :)..

most appreciated

Alex :cool:


NTFS Stoner
ahh i didnt think you wanted to use that option cus u said you didnt want to disable it. removing the tray icon would still let remote fire up when netmeeting launch's :)

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