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how do you set up an ftp server?

i need some help from you guys.

i'm attempting to set up an ftp server on my winxp system. i have installed serv-u ftp proggy on my system. i have configured it and even set up user accounts.

i also have a linksys router...i opened the port that i plan to run the ftp server on and can connect to the server through my browser at home.

but, the users outside my home can't connect to me.

i'll admit i'm a noob at this ftp stuff! just wondering what i need to do to get this baby up and running.

does the prob lie with my router's ip or something?



are you sure that you have enabled portfowarding (21) to your computers intranet ip on your router ?


Hmm I have the almost exact setup you have. Linksys > Serv-U Ftp Server but on a Win2k pro machine.
If users cannot connect to you do they have the correct IP?? And is your IP static or dynamic. Do you have the port 21 correctly set to forward to the correct machine that is serving the Serv-U ??

PS do the users that try to connect to you, do they get any kind of error when trying to connect??


user that want to connect to a ftpserv that is behind a fwall should try using PORT instead od PASV !


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Or if you want to use PASV, set a PASV port range, and set the PASV IP to your EXTERNAL internet IP, and forward both port 21 (or whatever the connection port is) and the range set for PASV to the internal computer

users don't get any error messages, the ftp proggy they use to connect just hangs....or if they're trying to connect via their browser, it just hangs.

are you sure that you have enabled portfowarding (21) to your computers intranet ip on your router ?
not sure if i've done that...

i should set port forwarding to my computer's ip and not the router's ip?


well users in the internet only see sour router... so you have to forward a specific port to a machine where you would like it to be.

so if you have ftp on port 21 on your computer... you have to tell your router that it should forward any connect to that port directly to your computer

didn't work. i set the port number in my router interface to go to my 'puters ip addy. it's still not working.

any suggestions on a direction to take from here? :confused:


-lost in ftp land


I have serv-u running on an xp box and with the linksys router. on the routeer set 20 through 21 to be forwarded to the ftp inside IP. on serv-u setup a domain and a user account. ie john. grant him access to a FOLDER on the ftp server which has a FILE in it. and have someone login as john and a password and see if that person can see the FILE. the home directory should be a FOLDER on the ftp serv. also check the log file on the server to see if they are even connecting if they aren't then your ISP is blocking 20-21
thnx for the help.

i've have tried everything you suggested, including opening ports 20 and 21. that didn't work, so i switched to another port (253).

in addition, i went into linksys router interface and changed dmz host to be my computer's ip addy (as suggested by someone else).

i have an account w/ password set up for a friend. he tried logging on tonight (via ftp commander) and couldn't get in. he said it just sat there and never connected.

this is truly frustrating.

any other suggestions?

-lost forever in ftp land! :(


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set your computer with the ftp to have static address

ip <-----ftp machine
gateway <--------- internal address of router

service port range 20 ~ 21 Both <-------ftp machine ip

DMZ Host

in serv-u 4 under settings tab

thnx for the advice rnielsen151. i truly appreciate it.

i'll try this setup as soon as i get home.

hope this works! :)

yeah geo, i was kinda worried about that dmz thing. leaves me swinging in the breeze......wide open for hackers.


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Hi Koko. Hmm an FTP plight. Well first of all you should not have to enable DMZ. I also lave a linksys router and run ftp with a cable modem. Im not sure what broadband conn your using but you need to check your settings over and try to pinpoint where your problem lies. It has been said before but lets go over it one more time.
Make sure SPI is disabled on filters screen
enable port 21 to your computers private ip
enable ports 50000>50100 to your computers private ip

Go to your serv-u software and put in your WAN ip where it belongs.{Allow passive mode data transfers should be checked}
In the PASV port range put 50000>50100

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