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How do you set up a dual boot?


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Well I have something that wants to work on 2000, but not on XP. I want to be able to setup a dual boot where XP will be the default load, unless I hit a button and it will boot into 2000. I have both OSes, so how would I be able to do such a thing?


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both XP and 2K support duel booting, all you really need is 2 partitions to take them both, install the 1st system, then from desktop start the install for the 2nd system, it will ask you where you want to put windows, specify the other partition and a duel boot screen is created. :) default 30 second timer or it will boot into the 1st operating system.


If you really want to set up a dual boot system check out these links:
HOW TO: Create a Multiple-Boot System in Windows XP
(Usual way is to install older versions first and then XP, otherwise your XP won't boot. To repair this look here: How do I install Windows 2000 after I've installed XP?
Seems you can also use third pary software like Partition Magic to set up a dual boot system.

Also a virtual machine (VMware,Virtual PC) may be something to consider.

Is it really necessary to install a whole second OS to get one program to work? Did you try compatibility mode to get your "something" to work? Programs that run under Win2k should also be able to run under XP. I've read something about programs that won't install because the setup program insists on a specific OS. There is a tweak for this around, unfortunately can't remember where at the moment. Perhaps if you tell us what your "something" is someone here will know how to get it to work.
yes the screen is already there as it is with any NT product, just since 2000, unless the second OS is loaded it never shows itself like it always did in NT4.

just load second OS to another partition, (good not to share programs across them either), and it will add itself to boot.ini file and from them on you will have a choice. which can be changed in that file or under computer/properties/advanced/startup&recovery-settings/system startup is where you edit that file with a GUI

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