How do you get rid of the "Links" folder for internet explorer in favorites?


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24 Dec 2001
That is the one thing I hate and dont use, is place any of my favorites in the links folder. I delete it, then it comes right back when I reboot. Is there any way I can keep it permanently gone???
GOOD question. Everytime i delete that little booger it comes back to life on me. One of these days maybe i'll just live with it and actually put something in it, like a link, lol.
Hehe, there has to be a way to get rid of it. I remember i think TweakUI had one for Windows 98...but TweakXP doesnt have one. :( I hope someone knows a solution to this, then we both wont have to deal with it.
i'm at work at the moment so i won't be able to confirm this until i get home but i think i found an option in gpedit somewhere cos i've switched it off.

i'll post another message here when i get home and check - maybe 2 hours time k?
okey dokey, it's easier than i remember......
tweak xp does do it, not gpedit after all!

the check box is under 'Explorer', scroll down about two thirds of the way and presto! Uncheck the option to display Links on Favorites.

Are you certain? I was just looking everywhere for the exlorer button on TweakXP, I cant find it. :(((
yep, just checked it again.....
let me confirm youhave the same tweakui for xp i do....
its version
if this is you too, then the fourth thread down from the top is "Explorer", after "About", "General" and "Mouse"....
hmmm. I'm looking too and i have the same version of tweakUI. I don't see it. I been ripped off man, i demand justice. How bout a pic so i can see where you're finding this switch, please :D
a way to get rid of the links folder so that you dont see it in your favourites menu (but it will still be on your drive) is to right click it, choose properties and check off the hidden attribute.
sorry about the delay...chatters anonymous meeting. ;)

here's what i get.........
I think i'm going blind.

Punkrulz, you need to get PowerToys for XP. The program you want it TweakUI, not TweakXP.

stef_nz, :D :D :D :D :D the full monty dude, thx.


sorry, i didn't know about this other tweak xp thingy!

yeah, powertoys it is.
simple...just click on that big, hippy-like banner at the top of this page (i love it waddy!) and look down the table on the left-hand side under "Freebies".

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