How do u disable microsofts mouse Acceleration in windows XP



How do u disable microsofts mouse Acceleration in windows XP

Got an MS Optical Intellipoint and in games microsofts mouse acceleration is begining to kill me off. Its currently plugged in as USB!!

I need shot of this it is begining to hurt now!!! Is there any way to get rid off it (will switching to PS2 help)!!!!!!!!!
For counterstrike

Mouse Acceleration problems FIX for Counterstrike :

HL.exe -noforcemparms

put that after Hl.exe command line in Gamespy or what ever u use to exe program

info :

Type: Parameter

Description: Disable the forcing of mouse acceleration on startup.

Type: Parameter

Description: Disable the forcing of mouse parameters on startup.

Type: Parameter

Description: Disable the forcing of mouse speed on startup.


- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

- change:

MouseSensitivity "0"
MouseSpeed "1"
MouseThreshold1 "7"
MouseThreshold2 "8"

i think its almost the same feeling as in win/me
(for low mouse-acc, and middle mouse-speed)
The MouseAccelleration (None, Low, Medium and High) option is NOT available
in Windows XP. For some unknown reason MS decided to remove this feature and
implement it as a built-in mouse accelleration instead. So...mouse
accelleration is ALWAYS on in Windows XP (I think it's at medium speed).

If you have a Logitech Mouse and install their MouseWare the Mouse
Accelleration option will be available. BUT...that mouse accelleration is
added on top of the built-in mouse accelleration (which will make the mouse
accelleration even worse unless you select 'none' in the logitech mouse

The people who claims that they don't have any accelleration have probably
always played with some dregree of accelleration. That's why they don't
*feel* anything different. But since the accelleration is built-in it is
ALWAYS there.
Mouse acceleration in WinXP is set in Control Panel

Select the mouse icon and go into one of the property windows. It's there. I'm using the Microsoft optical mouse with Intellipoint ver. 4 software that came with it. I have acceleration set to high, but you can set it to any level you want. Not sure exactly what tab to look under since I'm not at that computer right now, but it's adjustable...ya just gotta look for it. g/l

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