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How do two people share the same mail folder?



My mate and I share a computer and are happy to use the same outlook settings, but we want to keep our IE user preferences seperate. When I log on and download mail I get all the mail in my user folder and the same goes for him when he logs on. How do I set it up so just the one folder exists so that it doesn't matter who logs on we can both access the same emails?
I hope the above is clear enough!


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i dont think you can with outlook, but youu probably can with another email API. With outlook and can configure different profiles but i dont think you can combine it to share the same inbox.


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I don't think you can. Each Profile will have it's own folder. Plus I don't think you should. :rolleyes: What if down the line you or your m8 don't want the other to read something? Right now you and your m8 don't care, but later on... ??? Allways better to be safe. For both of you. :D


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i know how to do this with outlook xp or outlook 2000.... not with outlook express...

this is how you do it with outlook.... [you have to have admin priviliges]

1. go to where outlook stores your emails.... it's usually C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook .... you'll find a file with extension .pst... rename it to .bak ....

2. go to control panel... click the Mail icon... then click the Data Files button. then click on the Settings button... it will then tell you that the .pst file is missing and gives you the option to specify one... go to your mate's .pst file at C:\Documents and Settings\[your mate's username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook... click OK for everything.... start outlook and now you share the same mailbox.....

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