How do networks detect peer to peer downloading?


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12 Jan 2006
I was downloading a tv show using a torrent program and was wondering how people get caught for downloading stuff on torrent programs or on limewire and frostwire programs. Does anybody know how networks can tell if you have downloaded certain things. As a precaution I always make sure I never seed, but I would really like to know if there is nothing I can do to protect myself from getting caught, if not then I need to stop downloading things, which kinda sucks.

Anybody know?
Well at a guess I'd say the quantities of upload being used and number of connections to other net providers as non peer to peer is usually less upload, less connections in total and not nearly as much from net providers.

So boils down to upload, number of connections and AS numbers.
some scan certain port numbers, but that can be easily avoided

others use traffic shaping, which is why lots of new programs feature encrypted connections
some scan certain port numbers, but that can be easily avoided

others use traffic shaping, which is why lots of new programs feature encrypted connections
well thats confusing.
So how would I prevent getting caught, I mean I feel like there should be legal anyways since I'm downloading shows I physically own but it's easier to download them than to rip from a dvd.
Most of the programs also list the IP's and ISP of the users connected. All an ISP would have to do is copy down all the IP's of their customers connnected then trace them back. Yes, ISP's have all the P2P programs too.
umm.. im not sure if this works for not getting caught, most people use them to prevent p2p bandwidth limitation
but feel free to try

with utorrent u can check an option to randomize the port each time the program starts
u can also enable protocol encryption (and if u're really paranoid u can force the client to connect to encrypted peers/seeds only)

with emule u cant randomize the port each time.. but u can do it manually every once in a while
new versions also support the encryption feature, its called "obfuscation"

oh, i almost forgot (and its really important, lol)
to prevent ur software from connecting to known enterprises/goverment/etc ips, u should try using an ipfilter file

i think bluetack has one.. u should google for it cos i dont remember the address
if u need more info on that (or how to install it) just ask
There is no magic way to "not get caught". Your best bet is private sites (bittorrent/ftp).

As to how they know, each of those protocols connects to someone else (peer(s)).
A very popular method is to hire black hats to seed illegal content. Then the black hats record every connection made to them and get paid by the record/movie companies to provide the IP address of all downlaoders.

The media companies then try to bully your ISP into providing who is attached to the IP address. Various ISP's respond differently. Some cough up the names to avoid threats from the media companies, some tell the media companies to screw off, others respond by sending disconnection threats to the downloaders if they don't stop. The last manages to protect the downloader and the ISP which is about as good as you can expect.

For those thinking that this process is entrapment and illegal under USA law, you are correct but civil rights don't seem to apply under DMCA...

Don't download, it isn't worth it if you get caught, especially since the media companies also pay the black hats to upload fakes which make up over 95% of posted downloads. You can buy a **** load of content for the $5k-20k fines. And if you make a fuss about it the federally mandated penalty is around $100k PER INFRINGED song or movie and when the media companies go to court that is what they seek.

If you think you won't get caught, that is what all criminals say. On the other hand, presence of a BOT or virus on your system has been an acceptable defense in some cases. "The BOT did it." There is still no clear/consistent case law governing how the prosecution goes. Very few have risked the $250k or higher fines charged when you go to trial instead of paying a few thousand to buy off the media companies. Figure on spending $20-40K on lawyers whether you win or loose. If you win you will have to counter sue to recover the legal fees. Only one person has won a counter suit and I beleive that is under appeal which costs anonther $20-40k.

BTW Those who brag about providing open WIFI to their neighbors. Ask yourself what they are downloading on your IP address which you are legally responsible for the activity on! The "my visiting nephew did the downloads without my knowledge" defense has failed miserably in court.
deep packet inspection

Faster and saves a bunch of money - this is how most detection software/hardware works and why encryption defeats detection currently in place.
I want to create a private tracker for me and a buddy...can i do this?
LeeJend: think you forgot the fourth option. the ISP calls you and informs you of your disconnection a few days before it happens. Happened to me. Got it reconnected though, after asking my ISP for the letter that was sent to them.... e-mailing those who sent the message (this instance being the Entertainment Software Association).... found out e-mailing them was pointless since i heard no response from ANYONE for about a week..... and decided to call. Talked to one guy there.... was a real nice guy. Told him that i had no intention of downloading the file i was accused of downloading... that it was actually a mis-labeled torrent that downloaded what i was accused of downloading.

case and point.... i kinda avoid anything from TPB (which i'm assuming you all know the non-abbreviated form of that) like the plague.
i've been using my rapidshare account, my dl speeds are way higher and it takes a little longer to search if its not on the sites i go to!
oh, i forgot.. use emule for private transfers, its way easier

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