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How do i.........

how do i go about making an internet webpage. sounds simple, but im quite new to this. i would like to know wot tools i would need, wot skills i require, and wot the hell does php, perl, ssi, and cgi mean.
oh, and can anyone recommend a host for the site, and im not gonna sink major $$$ into the creation of a site.
i hav microsoft frontpage2000 (i think) and dreamweaver 4? any good?
i want to create a site, coz i want to learn something new and i feel stupid coz its like everyone has a site nowadays (well just about)
is that host any good?


Just mess around with them software packages (though I recomend DW4) and get a feel for everything. Most of them are WYSIWYG applications so things shouldn't be to hard. If you can work Word, you can work anything. Though I bet the techies here are going to say use notepad! LOL
can you recommend another program that i can use other than frontpage or dreamweaver, i hav messed around with them (kinda) and i got a basic layout and added some images, but wot then?


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I dont consider myself a HTML techie by any means, but using notepad gives a better understanding of whats going on. There are plenty of tutorials on the web on how to do pretty everything with HTML. Besides Frontpage, Dreamweaver throw tons of useless code in there. If you start with notepad it wont be hard, and if you wanna learn, you might as well learn correctly.
IS THIS GOING TO BE A GOOD SITE???!?!?!?!!!1 If so, plz put up links to Half Life 2 and Doom III for me. Oh yeah, longhorn too.

PS. And some appz
Originally posted by Handybuddy
IS THIS GOING TO BE A GOOD SITE???!?!?!?!!!1 If so, plz put up links to Half Life 2 and Doom III for me. Oh yeah, longhorn too.

PS. And some appz
Hehe, and guess what? The link will never see the light of day on these forums then. :rolleyes:
notepad? i think i'll stick with dreamweaver, coz its easier 2 use and i dont need a tutorial. wot program can i use to edit grahpics?
is paintshop pro 7 alright? or should i get photoshop?
Besides Frontpage, Dreamweaver throw tons of useless code in there
I would have to agree for Frontpage, but I would argue that with Dreamweaver.

Also, why ride your bike to work when you have a car? That's what using notepad is like. I used to use notepad, back before ANY editors were available. That was about 13 years ago. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone, so I just use what works best. It IS important to understand the HTML though, because from time to time an editor just will not do what it is you are trying to make it do.

Good Luck!
My recommended combination of software for you is Dreamweaver + PSP.

- Dreamweaver does not add gunk code, unless you use some of the pre-written Javascripts which IMO are a bit gunky.

- Someone said "Frontpage compares to Dreamweaver like Photoshop compares to Paint". I almost agree. Frontpage may be easy, but it's not good.

- Since you allready have PSP there is no reason to get Photoshop.

- Notepad isn't necessary as you can get the exact same view inside Dreamweaver if you wish to. You can switch between them to get control over both layout and code.

I don't know about that particular host, but there are many free hosts on the net. The whole deal with PHP and so on is nothing you need to concern yourself with at this point. You only need that if you want to make more advanced structures of pages (a large site).

Good luck to you! :)

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