how do i use my middle mouse button in games??


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i have a cordless logitech optical mouse. the middle mouse button is bound to "close application". is it possible to have it both set as "close application" and have it usable inside a game.??



Binding that button to "middle mouse button " using the Logitec control panel is the only way I have ever got a middle button function in games.
Your mouse hasn't got a 4th button that could be changed to "close application"?
There could be a keyboard command for closing apps but not as handy I know.
Right button works as alternate select in Windows and mouse2 in games,so maybe write to Logitect about it and see if it can be done(maybe in the next drivers).


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I have logitech dual optical and I had the same problem. You need to check the two boxes in the scroller option then you should be able to use the scroll wheel in your games.[different setups vary] Image attached.


I have both the scroll boxes unticked and used a patch from Logitech called "game_whl" that makes the wheel work in games
ie weapon change in Quake3.
The wheel funtions as it should in Windows as well so I didn't try ticking the boxes (maybe the wheel fix is in the drivers now).

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