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How Do I Share My Outlook Contacts Over The Network??

Everyone on my network (there are 5 of us 3 using WinXP 2 using Win98) uses Microsoft Outlook 2002. I would like to share my "Contacts" list with others on my network so we can each make changes to the contact list.

Can this be done??

Please help if you know anything at all about this...it is pretty important to us.

Thanks in advance!!


Are you talking about sharing the contacts list so everyone has a copy or one list and everyone has access to it along with it being ale to be modified??

If you want people to have access to the list and share it with others then you need to export the contacts list and save it as a *.CSV file (comma seperated value) and then share the file by either copying it to a disk or making a share on your drive. Then you have anyone who needs it search for the share and import it into Outlook 2002.

If you want a centralized copy of the contacts list and want everyone to have access to it but not kept locally on their hard drive then I do not know any other way then you use Exchange and make a contact list in that and automatically everyone who uses Exchange as their mail server will have access to it.

I hope this helps... If anyone else knows of a way please help.


P.S. Please do not multi post. only create a thread and be patient for a reply. Multiposting only creates confusion and takes up space for anyone trying to help.
Sorry about the multi-post
I normally dont do it but after posting it in the networking forum i realized I wanted it in this forum...how do you erase an old post?

Anyway, thanks for your input. I want to have a centralized database of contacts so each user on the network can access it and maybe modify it if need be. It looks as if Exchange is my only alternative. Thank you for your response.

A second question though....how can I combine 2 contact lists into one?? I have contacts from my Outlook, and my partner wants to join his contacts with mine to make it 1 single list.

Does anyone know how to do that??

Thanks in advance!!

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